Bespoke Retail HVAC

Company: Levis

Location: Great Marlborough Street, London

When: 2019


We provided the HVAC design for the entire Levis department.

This included the store, the bespoke tailoring room and the meeting room.


In late 2019 Levis were looking to extend their existing current 4 storey office HQ into the adjacent building. A mostly open plan building including glazed roof lights with a view all the way down to the basement, with a connected ground floor area.

A key site in the heart of London where they wanted to showcase their bespoke tailoring, install a new concept store onto Great Marlborough Street while also provide a new boardroom and creative meeting spaces.

Their goal was to have a visually stunning group of connected interiors whilst having the latest energy efficient heat pump air-conditioning and ventilation systems. It was clear from the start, the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems had to enhance not detract from the interior design.

We achieved a design within their budget constraints that blended, not jarred with the visual concept.

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