How we do it Differently….

Problem Solving


First and foremost, we are problem solvers, there is nothing more we like to do than solve a problem. Most of the time this means without providing any of our own equipment.

This might seem crazy, right, but think about it for a minute……

Is it likely that our equipment no matter how well designed (and it is by the way) is the answer to every problem, of course not.

Here’s a few things to help you understand what your answer might look like

  • We don’t have a problem
  • We have a small problem that we can solve ourselves with some honest advice
  • We have a problem that needs a different service than Liberty can provide
  • We have a problem where the equipment Liberty provide will help

Whichever of the above it is, we’re giving you the answer, solving the problem

So how do we do it differently from others

Well we like a chat, so after you have picked up our FREE 7 steps booklet just pick up the phone. 

Make sure you have a coffee in hand so you can relax and tell us what your concerns are and what your best outcome is. This might sound like a therapy session but it’s your problem and time so we are here to listen.

Lets’s meet

There is nothing better than seeing the problem for yourself, so we will come and see for ourselves and we won’t charge you for the privilege, a coffee if you can spare one would be nice.

You can show us your place, and point out the concerns you have whilst providing us a deeper insight to what your outcome needs to look like.


None of us want to pay for anything whether it be advice, equipment or services if we feel its based on thin air or sales rhetoric.

We always leave you with some humidity data loggers in your building to log regular readings for an agreed period of time.

This data is then downloaded and forms the basis of our report and recommendations, so you know whatever ever the advice (remember problem solving earlier) it is based upon facts.

Your solution is our reward

We are passionate about the environment and don’t like to see waste, which includes wasting energy on unnecessary fuel bills using the wrong system or just using inefficient ones. This just adds to the carbon we produce in generating the energy in the first place.

We hate to see material waste too, in the form of lost product, preventable repairs or even new structures that could have been avoided.


So, whether you use our equipment, gain some valuable advice for yourselves or we recommend another company, we know we are doing the right thing by you and the environment.

It’s common sense really and we hope more companies adopt it going forward.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch now 

Sales on T: 07975 671488


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