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A passion for perfection

We work with building owners on newly built sites, existing site refurbishments and heritage sites on long term fabric protection and internal refurbishment projects. 

We specialise in temperature and humidity control/hot and cold water services/Air-conditioning/Heat pump and ventilation systems including general, smoke and odour contamination control systems.

We enjoy working closely with interior designers/architects and Interior fit-out contractors to ensure the best possible aesthetic and engineering solution.

We also work directly for both Interior and Mechanical/Electrical contractors providing design and estimating services including project management. 

A comprehensive understanding of buildings, mechanical design and contracting affords us a unique perspective and understanding of how to achieve  the perfect result for the client.

What you ‘the client’ receive


We offer a full HVAC (Heating/Hot Water, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) design service, including additional (if requested) estimating, placement of sub-contractor partners and on site project management.

We pride ourselves in having an architectural eye to ensure the end result is a feast on the eye, not just the right climate. This might be to hide the services to allow the architects vision to shine or incorporate the services as part of the architectural style in creating an industrial feel.

Above all we listen to our clients, work with them to understand and achieve their desired result. 

Finally, It is extremely important to us, to ensure each client only pays for what they need! This could simply be advice or include as mentioned, design and equipment specification, project management and/or contractor placement.


a creative vision that is about ‘Style & Substance’

We offer detailed site surveys, full CAD design drawings in 2 or 3D if required.

Specification of Manufacturer equipment, installation guidelines to also enable tendering of the project (if required) along with on-site project management.

We offer estimating services to realise an ‘installed and commissioned’ cost, including placement of trusted sub-contractors we have worked with for many years.

We liaise with our clients and provide as little or as much support as required. It is very much a team decision to fit the project and budget.

Problem solving

Over the years we have been utilised to solve various mechanical issues within existing sites. 

It may be due to a lack of installed systems, or a poorly designed one, which results in poor comfort levels. Invariably though there are more serious concerns of  long term damage to the building fabric, and wasted energy through inefficient system operation.

It can also be from a limited knowledge of what the actual problem is.

We have been used as a ‘fixer’ to provide solutions following a site survey with the client, sometimes installing data loggers for temperature/humidity readings to assist in our appraisal and subsequent recommendations. 

Solutions range from a simple report, actions for other service providers such as builders, fabric specialists or include the specification of a new mechanical system or recommendation to adapt the existing systems.

Solving these problems can also have an impact on the internal décor, so our architectural viewpoint is key in providing a complete client solution.

It is our thinking outside of the immediate ‘box’ that affords us a loyal and growing client portfolio and repeat business as a trusted ear and partner.



AWG appointed us as there first UK distributor based upon our passion for achieving the right results for our clients in line with our building/engineering knowledge.

As a manufacturer looking to build upon a strong reputation in Scandinavia for achieving the correct solution for their clients, it was important to them to have a UK partner that shares that belief as well as having the engineering knowledge to apply it.

They understand that not every de-humidifier enquiry needs there equipment, it might require different advice or solution.

They as we do, want to provide their solution as and when appropriate to ensure the correct result, to both protect and build upon their reputation as a trusted forward thinking, energy conscious company.


It is our thinking outside of the immediate ‘box’ that affords us a loyal and growing client portfolio and repeat business as a trusted design house.


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