Efficient desiccant dehumidification at ALL indoor temperatures!

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The products are designed with a patented technology called desiccant warm condensation, a technology that give the products a number of unique advantages. Advantages are half the energy needed, plug-n-play installation and the same efficiency in all temperatures.


Same unique energy efficiency regardless of the temperature or season.

FLEX dehumidifiers *

FLEX is an intelligent desiccant dehumidifier based on the advanced Swedish patented warm condensation technology.

FLEX is designed to condense moisture in all possible environments and works equally energy efficiently at all temperatures, even at zero degrees.

*4 FLEX models: Basic, Smart, Cloud, Integrate

REX dehumidifiers *

REX is a powerful warm condensing desiccant dehumidifier that works just as well at all temperatures – high and low.

REX efficiently removes unwanted moisture from the air in your building and ensures a suitable level of relative humidity. This is the industrial solution for efficiently dehumidifying large volumes of air.

REX can be controlled to operate using various parameters such as the level of relative humidity (RH), dew point or mould index (calculated LIM 1). It can easily be connected to external systems via modbus, which enables real-time monitoring and control through laptops and smartphones.

BLACKBOX Carbon filter

BLACKBOX is a new type of carbon filter that effectively reduce hydrogen, mercaptans and ammonia from the air. The carbon blend used contains various types of carbon designed for complex odour challenges.

Together with a Airwatergreen dehumidifier, an optimum operating economy is achieved when the carbon only processes dry dehumidified air. This solution called Odour free climate lower the carbon maintenance cost drastically.

A perfect solution for pump stations and sewage treatment plants!
In a pump station, the air from the sewage pit is taken up and through the wall-mounted BLACKBOX, and then out of the building.

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